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The beauty of architectural hollowing-out art

Release time:2019-04-16

Due to the development of materials and the pursuit of the architects, perforated panels are favored by the architects for their ability to form a translucent interface between the urban street space and the interior of the building without much impact on the use of the interior of the building, while unifying the facade effect. For perforated panels, the perforation rate is an important factor affecting the overall perspective of the building skin, so the problem comes, because the pursuit of excessive perforation rate, for the flatness of the building skin, is a serious challenge. Large plate metal plates with a perforation rate of more than 35 percent are doomed to deform without reinforcement, let alone more than 50 percent, which would be a breaking point. The emergence of UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete) is undoubtedly a blessing for architects. UHPC's ultra-high physical performance makes the building's high perforation rate a reality.

The permanent site of zhoushan international tourism conference is located in putuo district, zhoushan city
Islamic style hotels use stylized repeating decorative patterns. The islamic pattern is the best in the world. The patterns used for appreciation in architecture, subject matter, composition, line drawing and color application are all unique. The hollows and partitions on the wall avoid the scenery of the courtyard to be fully exposed. Looking at the courtyard through exquisite carvings, it has a hazy aesthetic feeling, which skillfully solves the monotony of the wall and makes the partition effect of the courtyard present a graceful and graceful feeling. The high hollowing out of the wall to create a separated but not broken, that is, the division of the space and the two different Spaces related to each other, looming visual effect, let a person have reverie space.

Hairongzhi world is located in pudong new area of Shanghai
The most concise glass curtain wall of the cafe is combined with the hollow UHPC enclosure to make the best use of natural light and interweave light and shadow. The light passing through the enclosure falls on the glass curtain wall, leaving the shadow of time and bringing a vivid element to the building. Smooth and clean glass curtain wall and natural and simple UHPC enclosure, the thick cement texture brings the fragile glass a sense of security in the heart. The color of enclosures is similar to the color of stone on the surrounding ground. Different texture makes the whole not monotonous.
The entire UHPC enclosure is more than 70 meters long, without any support blocking in the middle, extending as a whole, which is the effect pursued by the designer. UHPC enclosure with a height of 3.8m and a thickness of 100mm is fixed only by the connection between the bottom and the structural beam.

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