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Main features of GRC curtain wall panels?

Release time:2019-04-17

A: GRFC curtain wallboard is a composite exterior wallboard product formed by taking large-amplitude GRC high-strength board as the decoration and functional main body, taking various types of flexible anchoring system as the connection body, and combining with thermal insulation system, exterior wall panel, interior wallboard, etc. GRC curtain wall panels have the following advantages over natural stone curtain walls:

1. Diversified exterior modeling of GRC curtain wall panels; The design can be changed according to the designer's creativity.

2. GRC curtain wall panels are colorful.

3, GRC curtain wall board can imitate a variety of natural stone texture.

4, GRC curtain wall board energy saving, environmental protection, instead of stone.

5. The comprehensive cost of GRC curtain wallboard is low.

6, GRC curtain wall board factory prefabricated into production and installation is convenient and quick

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