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Write another magnificent chapter

Release time:2019-04-16

Ten years, the prime of youth; Ten years of hard work, fruitful!
Time flies, concrete shares have been through a decade of struggle.
In the past ten years, the concrete creates the person to guard the integrity, is practical, the innovation
With full passion into the product research and development innovation
Endows the building eternal temperament, is the concrete creates the human assiduous pursue
This decade
Concrete to create people to serve first
To provide customers with quality products
Solve difficult technical problems
Will GRC, UHPC these excellent building materials
It has been applied in many projects with a strong sense of design

Wenzhou white deer fort -- the starting point of concrete creation toward high quality high-quality goods

Song · art museum -- web celebrity architecture which has won many design awards at home and abroad

Xuancheng urban planning hall -- concrete created early GRC curtain wall board representative

Huai 'an international bicycle city -- flowing lines

Shanghai shenweida -- elegant and delicate UHPC enclosure structure

The glory of the past is not to be forgotten. A perfect tomorrow requires struggle.
A new era has come,
Concrete creates a ten years of struggle from this moment.
In the fierce market competition environment,
We still face many challenges.
We always believe that the quality of survival, service and development.
Integrity, pragmatism, innovation, cooperation and win-win development
Is the criterion of our development.
We will keep on trying,
With better quality products, more thoughtful service, more innovative concept,
Create new brilliance!

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