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Beijing pine art museum

Release time:2019-04-16

Song Art Museum, located on the Banks of wenyu river in shunyi district, Beijing, is a private Art Museum with international perspective and international standards established by wang zhongjun, the founder and chairman of huayi brothers, a contemporary artist and Art collector. On September 25, 2017, the first exhibition of wang zhongjun's collection of art treasures at home and abroad was opened to the public with the theme of "from van gogh to Chinese contemporary art".

When conceiving the main building of songsong art museum, there are two original purposes: one is to economize and make full use of the original facilities; Two is concise, take serves the art as the objective. In line with this idea, the architect removed the symbol of the original building, and transformed everything into geometry and whiteness, making "pine" become an "art container" with Oriental temperament.

"Blank space" is the expression of the most artistic conception in Chinese painting, while "geometry" is the most objective expression of western logical thinking. In the architecture of the gallery, we removed the symbols of the west and gave the purest white color. We connected several different geometric buildings to create a new corridor, connecting the old buildings with each other and echoing the courtyard. The interior floor to the ground creates a vertical opening, giving more dimension to the extension.

The decorative concrete board of this project saves painting, finishing and other decorations, which is beneficial to environmental protection and saves time and money. Decorative concrete building is a green building, low carbon environmental protection. Decorative concrete can maximize the conservation of resources, environmental protection, reduce pollution, provide people with a healthy, practical and efficient use of space.

The decorative concrete slab produced by concrete creation, with the largest plate exceeding 10 meters, ensures that the facade is not connected by transverse joints, and the surface is pure white effect, echoing the simple design concept of the designer.

Under the natural night, the simple and fresh art gallery relies on each other between buildings and garden plants, forming a quiet private space for reverie.

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